Alumni Association Open Letter

The Hoya Battalion Alumni Association is the Alumni Association serving all those receiving a commission through the Georgetown Army ROTC program. Its mission is to further the interests and ideals of the Hoya Battalion.

I recently returned to the DC area after nearly 17 years of active duty
service. Coming back to DC brought back a flood of memories to more humble beginnings as an undergraduate at The American University and cadet at Georgetown. As I reached out to the institutions that I remembered so fondly, I realized that there was great potential in linking the current and former members of the Hoya Battalion. With that, I started the Hoya Battalion Alumni Association - current membership of one.

The mission is stated above; to further the interests and ideals of the Hoya Battalion. I leave the mission statement broad deliberately. This Association will develop and grow as its members grow. Whether you served 4 years or 40
years, your impact on the lives of your fellow cadets in your time, and
potential impact on the present day cadets cannot be measured. Follow our progress via our Facebook page The Hoya Battalion Alumni Association.

For those not inclined to Facebook, please email me directly at . I am soliciting support for some key positions to get this association off the ground. Please contact me directly if you have an interest in any of the following:

Membership chair: responsible for the enrollment of all members and
maintaining the alumni database

Webmaster: responsible for the maintenance of the FB page, and any future web venues

Legal advisor (lawyers only please): provide legal advice to the Association Board regarding its bylaws and operations

Treasurer: maintain Association budget and ensure the Association follows all required regulations and guidelines.

I look forward to building this organization with you, reconnecting with old friends, and investing in our future Army leadership, and future leaders of America.

Very Respectfully,
LTC Marc A. Cloutier
Hoya Battalion class of 1995