I’m interested in obtaining an ROTC scholarship, how do I apply for one?

Does joining Army ROTC mean I have joined the Army?

If you are in your senior year of high school and interested in applying for the national scholarship, please visit this website. Otherwise please read on.
Besides the national scholarship, there is no real application process for an Army ROTC scholarship. In order to qualify for a scholarship you must first be accepted to one of the consortium schools, join the program, pass DODMERB and the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), and be academically aligned. You will then be placed on an order of merit list and once funding becomes available you will be eligible to receive a scholarship.

You can participate in Army ROTC for up to 2 years [uncontracted] without incurring any obligation. Basically, you can try it out for the first two years and if it isn’t for you, you can walk away. However, if you decided it is right for you, you can apply for one of our scholarships and contract. Upon graduation, you will commission into the U.S. Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard. The Reserves and National Guard serve by drilling 1 weekend per month and 2 weeks per year.

What is the commitment if I contract/accept a scholarship?

The service obligation time depends on when you accept a scholarship and which type of scholarship you receive. In general, our cadets incur a 4 year active duty commitment followed by a 4 year inactive obligation. Our reserve option cadets incur an 8 year commitment serving 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year.

What is DODMERB? What do I do for it? 

DODMERB is the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board which will certify that you are medically qualified to participate in Army ROTC and ultimately serve in the military. After receiving your forms, we will process you into the system and schedule you for an Army medical examination either in Washington DC or near your home of record. All that is necessary is to show up at your appointment. You will receive a notification informing you of your approval.

If I’m not approved by DODMERB does that mean I definitely can not participate in Army ROTC?

Not necessarily. It is possible to get a waiver depending on the reason for the disqualification. Talk with a member of the Battalion staff about your unique case.

What does ROTC entail?

There are three parts to Army ROTC: military science class, physical training, and field training exercises. Once a week you will take a military science class, which covers topics like: military history, leadership, personnel management, and Army skills. The freshman, sophomore and junior classes are worth 1 credit per semester while the Senior class is worth 3 credits. We conduct physical training (PT) 3 times a week from 6:30 am until 7:30 am, which is held at your home school. Transportation is provided to all Army ROTC events. About one weekend a month we train in the field at one of the local active military installations. We train in things like land navigation, squad and platoon level battle drills, basic rifle marksmanship, etc.

Is there a summer training thing I need to attend?

Advance Camp is the only mandatory summer training. It takes place during the summer between your junior and senior year and lasts approximately a month long out in Fort Knox, KY. If you join the program late, you may have to attend a supplemental summer training course, but you should discuss that with us in the office. There are some voluntary summer training opportunities (Airborne School, Air Assault, etc.) for registered cadets.

I don’t see my question addressed here…what should I do?

If you still have questions, please contact our Recruiting Operations Officer Mr. Ray at (202) 687-7094 or send an email to armyrotc@georgetown.edu