Cadet Clubs and Teams

Hoya Battalion cadets participate in several activities in addition to normal Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) duties. Cadets take part in a large number of activities that challenge and enhance their athletic, tactical, and ceremonial skills and offer cadets a way to distinguish both themselves, and the Hoya Battalion. Below you can find information about the various clubs and teams that the Hoya Battalion offers.

Ranger Challenge Team

The Ranger Challenge team provides cadets with an opportunity for some exciting and challenging training. Ranger Challenge is the “varsity sport” of ROTC. Annually, more than 300 universities nationwide field teams to compete in a series of challenging events. The Hoya Battalion Ranger Challenge Team is named after Major Michael Lawrence Malone who founded a Ranger program in the Hoya BN during the Vietnam War to better prepare Hoya cadets for the rigors of combat that they would face in the jungles of Vietnam. Major Malone was killed in action January 7, 1968 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam.

The Ranger Challenge team is a military skills competition team that competes every year against other ROTC battalions across the region. We train five to six days a week during the competition season, and four times a week after the competition. We work extremely hard during physical training (PT) so we encourage anybody who wants to bring up their PT score to come and check us out. Although making the team is tough, we invite everyone to PT with us after the competition as we are devoted to helping others bring up their APFT scores as well as teaching fellow cadets basic soldier tactics and skills on squad level operations. Ranger Challenge is all about pushing each other past our limits and going beyond what we thought was possible.

Ten Miler Team

The Ten Miler Team trains to run the Army Ten Miler Race, held in Virginia and Washington, DC every year in October and other races throughout the year. The team trains by running short, intermediate and long distances as well as working on muscular strength exercises. The Ten Miler Team practices four days a week.
Honor Council

The Hoya Battalion Honor Council serves to ensure that the honor and integrity of the Hoya Battalion remain intact and to instill upon the Corp of Cadets the understanding that an officer does not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do. Members of the Honor Council also serve to counsel their fellow cadets on integrity related issues. Members of the Council may collect complaints and investigate complaints at the direction of the President of the Council. The Council is comprised of seven permanent members: the Hoya Battalion cadet Executive Officer, the two Company cadet Executive Officers, and four representatives, one from each class. The cadet Battalion Executive Officer serves as the President of the Council, and all members serve at the pleasure of the cadet Battalion Commander.

Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency (CULP)

The CULP program offers cadets a unique opportunity to study foreign languages and cultures in a host country. Through this program, you can also earn credits towards a foreign language and earn incentive pay. To be eligible for the highly-competitive CULP program you must be contracted. Related to the CULP program, is the Critical Language Incentive Pay (CLIP). This program gives raises the stipend for contracted cadets if they enroll in classes in a critical language. Examples of critical languages include: Arabic, Pashto, Chinese, Korean.

Color Guard

The Color Guard team presents the National Colors, or flag, at events throughout the DC area. Organizations wishing to have a posting, ranging from the Internal Revenue Service to Association of the United States Army, invite the team to perform at conference or ceremony openings. We normally execute 10-12 events a semester.

Because we primarily operate off campus, we are the public’s image of the Hoya Battalion and Army ROTC. Each team member takes one hour a week to come to practice and drill to ensure that image is positive. We work on standard unarmed, guidon, colors, and rifle drill, and are currently adding exhibition elements to the rifle drill.

If you are with an organization or company that desires to have a proficient team post the Colors at your event in the Washington, DC Area, please contact the front office at (202) 687-7023.