Dear Georgetown University ROTC Alumnus,

Graduation is not the end of your Hoya Battalion story– it is the beginnning of your responsibility as Hoya Alumni!

Georgetown University ROTC Alumni have leaders in our nation’s military, our local communities, businesses, and educational institutions. We are currently polling Georgetown University Army ROTC Alumni interested in the formation of an Army ROTC Alumni Chapter, run by the alumni.

Our continued goal is to actively engage alumni in our activities and to generate continued support, interest, and mentorship to the current Hoya Battalion Cadets. In that vein, we are seeking Georgetown Army ROTC alumni who would be interested in establishing a Hoya Battalion Alumni Chapter and serving on the Executive Committee. 

Possible goals of the Alumni Chapter could be:

  • Promote Georgetown University
  • Assist the cadets while in school and after graduation
  • Support the staff and faculty of the Department of Military Science

Please enter your information into the Alumni Update Form below. 

We appreciate your support of this endeavor and your continued support of the Georgetown University Army ROTC Department. We look forward to hearing from you.

Professor of Military Science

Alumni Update Form