Graduate Student or PhD Candidate

If you are a graduate student or PhD candidate, you are still eligible to participate in ROTC. As most graduate students are in a two-year program, we encourage you to contact us as soon as you have been accepted to one of our universities so we can begin the process of getting you enrolled. 

To begin the enrollment process you will need to fill out a Prospect Questionnaire form located under the “Resources” and “Forms” Tab. We will need you to send this to us via email  at and include the following:

  • (For incoming students or transfers) Letter of acceptance to your university’s Master’s Program
  • (For current students) Current transcripts from your university

From here, we will arrange for you to take a physical exam with an Army approved doctor to determine that you are medically qualified to participate in ROTC.
The last step is to register for your military science class on campus at your university.

Here you can find a full list of in-processing Forms