Here's some words from our current outstanding Cadets about why the Hoya Battalion is the best.

Cadet Thomas Kellogg-GWU

I have always wanted to serve in the military and as a high school senior; I started weighing my options that would accommodate a college education and military service. The image and tradition of the Marine Corps had particularly interested me, however, with no experience, I sought advice from an Army medic. He explained to me the difference and told me that if I want to become a great warrior and nothing else, the Marine Corps would be ideal. However, if I want to become a well rounded, capable, and a better person, the Army was the only suitable choice. The fight does not finish after the enemy has been destroyed, as there are infrastructures to build and international relationships to improve. As a future officer in the US Army, I feel that I am soon to be a part of not only the battle, but of the greater mission of the United States.

Georgetown ROTC has certainly opened many doors for me as the #1 ranked ROTC program in the entire country. I was sent to Air Assault School at Fort Benning, Georgia last summer where I trained on air assault operations and rappelled from a UH-60 Blackhawk. I am also a Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) cadet, which means in addition to the regular ROTC course load and training schedule, I train with a National Guard unit- the 253d Engineer Company (combat engineers). I never imagined I would be training with and assembling as many explosives as I have thus far.

ROTC is certainly a huge time commitment. I think it is fair to say that one will not have the typical college experience as most students sleep in everyday and have every weekend to party. However, I find the sacrifice to be worth it. One should expect to wake up around 6AM everyday for Physical Training (PT) or Military Science class and give up a handful of weekends for training.

There is nothing exceptional about achieving only the standard as the typical, lethargic college student. If you want to become a part of something bigger than yourself and strive to become an expert and a professional, Georgetown Army ROTC will mold you into who you want to be.